What Is a Stationary Electrical Equipment?

The term ‘stationary equipment’ is officially defined within the IEC 60050-826-2022 as:

fixed equipment or equipment that cannot be easily moved.

Note 1 to entry: Stationary equipment is neither movable equipment nor transportable equipment.

The British Standard BS 7671 defined the term “stationary equipment“ as follows:

Electrical equipment which is either fixed or which has a mass exceeding 18 kg and is not provided with a carrying handle.

BS 7671:2018+A2:2022

Stationary equipment which is moved temporarily for the purposes of connecting, cleaning, etc., e.g. cookers or flush-mounting units for installations in false floors, shall be connected with flexible cable. If the equipment is not subject to vibration then non-flexible cables may be used.

There are 2 types of stationary electrical equipment:

  1. Stationary pluggable equipment type A: equipment that is intended for connection to the mains via a non-industrial plug and socket-outlet or via a non-industrial appliance coupler, or both
  2. Stationary pluggable equipment type B: equipment that is intended for connection to the mains via an industrial plug and socket-outlet or via an industrial appliance coupler, or both


Stationary electrical equipment primarily includes all fixed electrical equipment, which is set in a particular place and cannot be moved during its operation. Such electrical equipment includes electric lights attached to ceilings or built into suspended ceilings, washing machines connected to the building’s water and sewage systems, heating cables embedded in floors, low-voltage switchgear mounted on walls or floors, etc.

washing machine
Washing machine connected to the water and sewage systems of a building – an example of stationary electrical equipment

Some types of stationary electrical equipment are not specially fixed in certain places, but their size and considerable weight, exceeding, for example, 18 kg, do not allow moving this electrical equipment without applying considerable force. Such electrical equipment includes, for example, refrigerators and electric stoves. Stationary electrical equipment is usually permanently connected electrical equipment which is connected to the electrical circuits of the electrical installation of a building by terminals or other means which require the use of tools. However, plugs may be used to connect stationary electrical equipment.


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